Thursday, January 26, 2012


This came out of a comment thread with some friends.  The genesis was that somebody had used one of my pictures (a sunset) on a page that was basicallyimages from around america, showing how nice all these places were.  I don't have a problem at all with this usage.  Some of my friends pointed out that the image wasn't strictly credited as per the CC license I had on the photo, but instead had a link to my flickr page of the image.  I see their point, and don't mean to try to counter it in any way.  The part I've excerpted below explains my own beliefs, experiences, and how I act regarding copyright.

(there was a link to an article where a photographer detailed all the costs that went into a perceived 'free' photo)

  • yeah, I've read that one before. I agree with everything he says, pretty much, though some of the details may be exaggerated (as I recall he sort of included the full price of some equipment and gas and such). but yeah, in general, I agree with him. but, I find that I don't have problems with people abusing the copyrights I have on my pics. some of my pictures I choose to release under CC but the default is standard copyright, so anything that I have under CC was intentional. it's my picture to do what I want with, and I choose to open certain of them up for people to use however they want. I feel I've been enriched by that process. I get feedback, and connect with people that I otherwise wouldn't, and I have a philosophical belief structure that tells me that I should give in this manner. and I think it bears emphasizing, I have never encountered a situation where my copyright has been abused. when I've had non-comercial, or full copyright on an image, the 'internet' seems to respect that. just for background: typically I'll keep images copyrighted if there is something in the images that I feel isn't mine to give away, such as a person, or something that might otherwise be copyrighted (such as an artwork of some sort). I also tend to keep things that I consider my own creation, or art, fully copyrighted. and things that I think nobody will care about anyway, I don't bother changing the license. then, most things otherwise, I'll change to non-commercial attribution, just by default, and the occasional one I'll make commercial attribution, just so I can see what happens.
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  • Dave DeHetre I am all to aware of the cost behind doing photography, but I don't feel that that in any way means that anybody owes me anything for what I do. I would hope that in some way the value that what I do has would come back to me, at least in a way that lets me continue, but that's my gamble, it's not a contract of any sort.
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  • Dave DeHetre soonish, or already I guess, there's a point where I just plain won't be able to afford to keep doing it, and then I'll stop. -probably about two more weeks. that's when the internet gets disconnected and I can't afford gas anymore. I've been months without data backup, or other consumables, and any failure in that area will end things too.
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  • Dave DeHetre I did just pay my fee for my flickr page though, so that's good for another year. I'm having to decide if the $100 for my zenfolio renewal is worthwhile.

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  1. of course, just as I published this post, I notice that the pic is actually under copyright. still, I think I'm too lazy to do anything about it.